Visit The Dale Pizzeria in Mountain Dale NY
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Visit The Dale Pizzeria in Mountain Dale NY

You should visit “The Dale” pizzeria in Mountain Dale NY if you are ever in the area. They just recently opened and the food is amazing. We are big fans of the pizza that we get it at least 2 times a week. We might actually need to sign up for Eating TOO MUCH Pizza support group because we have been eating way too much pizza but we just love pizza.

If you are looking for a good excuse to try “The Dale”. Convince yourself to go take a hike or bike ride on the Mountain Dale Trails to Rails and after treat yourself to some pizza, pasta or some of their specials that are always changing. They also have some really great beers and wine that will hit the spot!

The Dale

The Dale Mountain Dale NY

The Dale opened up maybe 2 or 3 weeks before all this Corona virus started and we all got locked up at home. We ate inside a few times and it was great, they had live bands and everyone was super nice. We really felt bad for them, they were just starting to take off and it was packed every night.

Now that all restaurants are closed due to this pandemic, its more important than ever to support your local businesses. We have been ordering take out as much as we can to help them and the pizza being amazing, its really not hard to convince ourselves to call in a order.

Visit Mountain Dale NY
Mountain Dale NY

They are located in a small town that you might not have heard of, called Mountain Dale NY. They have the Mountain Dale Rails to Trails parking lot about 120 second walk to The Dale or 60 second bike ride to grab your fresh pizza before you ride into the trails =). We have done this before on the O&W Rail Trail in Kingston NY, click here to see the blog post about that ride and to see the pizza.

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  1. I have been to New York. I have never seen this area of New York. We’ve always visited the busy city. Which by the way has some excellent pizza also. In my opinion, Chicago has the best pizza in the United States. I love riding bikes. It’s a relaxing way to get exercise and enjoy the sights!

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