Completing our First HBTrails Triathlon
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Completing our First HBTrails Triathlon

I’ve seen a few triathlons in my life but never participated in one. Perhaps one day before my knees give out, we will give it a try. Today, my hubby decided two weeks of resting his ribs was enough and that we should do a hike. We got ready, filled our water bottles and grabbed a few energy bars and hit the road. We didn’t go far, just about 15 minutes away to Rock Hill, Neversink Gorge Trails. At the beginning of the trail, he started saying that we should complete our first HBTrails triathlon.

Hiking to High Falls

The last time we went to Rock Hill, we passed the High Falls views and continued finding a new trail. Today, our goal was to just go to High Falls and back and get our bikes and go biking. We didn’t take a lot of breaks and got to the falls pretty fast. Unlike the first time we ever went here, the place was actually full of other hikers. I believe that due to AllTrails and everyone opting out more these days, the trail has become more congested.

My injured partner was stubborn and didn’t let me carry the backpack but was still able to do the hike. He got his new GoPro HERO 8 and was just too excited to test it. Every time he pointed his hand with the GoPro at me I would say something like; “Pikachu! I choose you!” All in all, the waterfalls were beautiful. Everyone got their turn at seeing them and some were there to catch fish and enjoy their lunch. There are plenty of large rocks that everyone can be six feet apart without feeling crowded. We had some good rain lately so the falls were gushing.

The trip to the falls and back was around seven miles. We did not go to Mullet Falls this time because we were in a rush to go home, get our bikes and start the second part of our HBTrails triathlon.

Part Two: Biking

Once we came home, we grabbed our bikes and put them in the car. I changed from short boots to sneakers and we were off to Mountain Dale NY. We ended up first stopping by at Sandburg Trading LLC and got a chicken cutlet sandwich with french fries. We shared it, of course and split a Coke. After we ate, we went on the short little bike ride.

Since all the bungalows are packed for the summer, the streets are busy and so are the trails. We only went a short 3 mile ride from Mountain Dale to Woodridge NY. On our ride, we saw not one but two deer! The first one was at the beginning of the trail and the second one was in Woodridge. After our six miles of bike riding, we went back to our house to get the kayak and continue our HBtrails triathlon.

Part Three: Kayaking at Bashakill

Once we came home, we took out the bicycles and strapped on the kayak to the car roof. We drove to Bashakill, which is about 15 minutes away, and started our little journey. One thing is for sure; paddling a double kayak by myself was not easy. It gave me a nice shoulder workout which I’ll appreciate more once the new muscles come in. Do those things happen overnight? I sure do hope so! =D

To me, Bashakill is magical! Every time there is something to see and this time we got to see plenty of birds, a heron, dragonflies and damselflies, turtles and muskrats. We also took two new turns, one which was overpopulated with lily pads. It was a bit challenging to go through them but we managed.

In the end, we did almost 4 miles of kayaking at the Bashakill. This was the hardest part for my hubby, having to sit uncomfortably in the kayak. He also had to raise and drop the kayak from the roof, with my help, which wasn’t the best thing for his ribs. He didn’t let the pain stop him from having fun and I enjoyed being able to kayak without being rushed or completing to get to a spot. Overall, it was a great little HBTrails triathlon with a few car-driving breaks in between. While we didn’t do an actual triathlon, it was a fun challenge that I can’t wait to do again.


HB in HBtrails stands for Hiking and Biking. This domain was purchased before we got our kayaks but hbktrails doesn’t sound as good, right? =D


As we were leaving Bashakill, a man with his dog was coming out as well. The puppy had his own little raft and life vest. Cutest thing ever! I would love to do that with my cats, who would rip apart the raft and kill me afterwords.

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