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AZIA New York

If you’re looking for a fun adventure this summer or year round, check out AZIA New York. This is an awesome campground in Woodridge, New York. They offer everything from a basketball and volleyball court to a swimming pool, fishing, and guided ATV adventures. Whether it’s your first time on an ATV or you want to get down and dirty, they have the right ATV trail for you. They are also looking into creating more trails and offering a bigger variety for their guests.

AZIA New York - 419 River Rd, Woodridge, NY 12789

AZIA New York opened its doors in June of 2021. For a year now they have been working on improving their campground and creating new trails. If you want to come camping, ride an ATV, fish in the Neversink, or even hike, AZIA has you covered! We can’t wait to go this summer and enjoy the trails with our Hawk250! The campground is open in the winter as well. It will be fun to ride an ATV or the Hawk 250 in the snow on their trails.

AZIA New York Located in Woodridge, New York.

Address: 419 River Rd, Woodridge, NY 12789

Enjoy the amazing outdoors at the Catskills.

Camping, ATV Rentals, ATV riding lessons, ATV guided tours, Fishing, Canoeing, Hiking and Fishing.

AZIA New York ATV Rides Fishing Kayaking Camping Hiking
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Have you been to AZIA New York in Woodridge, NY? Comment below on your favorite activity to do there. We are looking forward to the ATV rides and bringing out kayaks for some exploring.

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