Bike Ride from Mountaindale to Hurleyville NY
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Bike Ride from Mountaindale to Hurleyville NY

Today was a beautiful day. We woke up at 5AM, had coffee, watched a show or two (This is the way) and decided on our bike ride. We drove only 4 minutes to Mountain Dale NY, parked the car and went on our ride. We’ve done the ride from our home too, but since we live on the top side of the mountain, getting back home is a mission and a half. Anyway, the total ride was 34 miles and took us from Mountaindale to Hurleyville NY.

Woodridge trail
Trail sign in Woodridge NY

Different Bike Terrains

We started our bike ride on gravel for three miles and continues on the paved road. After Mountain Dale you enter Woodridge NY. This is basically a dead town until the summer, when the bungalows and camps are full. It’s a bit dangerous to be on a bike ride here in the summer because of the speedy and careless drivers. So rider, beware.

There is a little difference when you’re riding on a rocky road vs paved road. A pebbled or rock compressed road is more of a challenge. You have to get up and put in some effort if you wish to move. At least if you have a basic or cheap 21 speed mountain bike from Walmart. After Woodridge NY you cross over through South Fallsberg where the rail trail continues. We took the trail in the park, which was a horrible idea. It was wet, grassy and gravely. Once we got to the Conklin Pond, we took a break and braced ourselves for the side of the road ride. The cars here speed too but the traffic was actually okay.

The old trail is still visible and you can jump on it but it’s hard, grassy, and not cleared out in some sections. Once it’s paved or at least the gravel is added, it will be easier to use. Anyway, once you pass South Fallsberg, you’ll see an entrance to the Hurleyville trail. This section is paved and smooth. The ride is smooth and the views are beautiful. If you go past the train, there is a connecting path that they are working on. We went as far as Old Monticello Road by Ferndale. We were 6 miles away from our sushi spot in Liberty.

Woodridge Pond
A little break by Woodridge NY Pond
Old Monticello Road
Trail to Old Monticello Road

What To See On The Trail

On the ride to Hurleyville NY, you’ll see a few different ponds, especially in Hurleyville. Since we went early, we saw eagles, hawks and 2 different grey herons. Of course my camera battery was low so the picture qualities are not the best. I could snap one picture before the camera shuts off. The trick is to warm up the battery a bit and try again…and again =D

Last year when we would do this ride, we stopped at the Pickled Owl and had lunch. We ate our burger and fried chicken sandwich and enjoyed the cooler air inside. We were hoping to stop here again today, but had to go and take care of a fallen tree for a friend on his property. Good thing we went because the renters were trying to cut it with a hack saw. Anyway, it was a beautiful, and fast ride. We did the 34 miles in 4 hours and took a few stops to enjoy the views, nature and eat a chocolate bar.

Hurleyville Rails to Trails
Hurleyville NY Sign
Pickled Owl
Pickled Owl Restaurant
Mountain Dale  Gravel Trail
Beginning of the bike ride in Mountain Dale NY
Grey Heron in Silver Lake Mountaindale
Heron on Silver Lake

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