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One Free Gift from Google Maps

Did you ever receive a free gift from Google Maps? Did you know that Google Maps gives you a gift if your picture gets many views? How many views? Well, definitely over a million. When we opened our Google Maps account for HBTrails we read somewhere that someone received socks from Google after their picture got one million views. This must have been in the beginning stages because our sushi picture received one million views, and we got nothing.

Three million views on one photo, and we still did not get any emails or socks from Google. Twenty-three million views on one photo and finally, the email comes. Google sent us a $25 gift card for the Goody app. After looking through all the options, including olive oil and macaroons, I decided on the macaroons. I wasn’t sure why I chose Mac Lab macaroons, since I never eat them. Maybe the images of the pretty little macaroons helped persuade me to choose them.

It took a few days, but I received an email from Goody gifts on July 12th that my gift had shipped. I was still skeptical but waited. On July 16th, I received another text message that our Google Maps gift had arrived. And guess what! Google Maps wasn’t lying. They did send us a $25 gift voucher to be used at Goody. We took our Google Maps free gift to the Catskill mountains and ate them at Plateau Mountain, while enjoying the views.

Have you received a free gift from Google Maps? How many views do your pictures have? Do you have one picture that has the most views?

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