watt christmas display

Watt Christmas Wonderland 2021

‘‘Tis the season to be merry and drive thru Watt Christmas Wonderland! If you want to enjoy a fun drive through that has a suggested $5 per car donation, this is for you. Here you will see a bit of vintage, new and everything in between when it comes to Christmas display. I recommend that you drive very slowly so you can see everything. I may have asked my driver a few times to slow down but he could not comply. Since the drivers ahead of us were slowing down and stopping he had no choice. 

At the end of the Watt Christmas drive through we decided to go again. This time we made sure the GoPro was on from the beginning. Even though we went here a few times and just ended the drive a minute ago, I was still seeing stuff I didn’t before. I was debating sitting in the left side back of the car but laziness got the best of me. Even so, Watts Christmas Wonderland was magical and I’m grateful that the family does this yearly. I hope they keep doing this incredible tradition that brings smiles to our faces.

After finishing the two loops at Watt Christmas Wonderland, we drove thirty minutes to see the Bruschi Christmas Lights. We came there around twenty minutes past seven and the music was very traditional. We ended up changing the station to some more festive Christmas music. By seven thirty the music on their channel start to be more upbeat but it was time to head home to the cats. If you’re in the neighborhood, these two holiday lights shows are great to enjoy from the comfort of your own car!

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