Visit Mountain Dale NY

Visit Mountain Dale NY

One of the first trails we took with our bikes was the O&W rail trail in Mountain Dale NY. The trail is only four minutes away from us with the car. We can also take the bikes from our home, up and down some crazy hills. By the time you get to the trail, you’re already exhausted and out of breath, but in a good way. The trail is short, only three miles. If you keep going through Woodridge and do a little local riding, you can end up in Hurleyville with a lot more miles under your belt.

The Mountain Dale trail is a short trail that has a convenient bicycle shop in the area. The Cinder Track Bicycles has a variety of bicycles you can purchase as well as rent. They also do bike repairs and are extremely knowledgeable about all things bicycles.

Mountain Dale NY Trail Food

After a long day of biking, you want to eat and gain all those calories you burned, or at least some of them. In Mountain Dale you have a few options:

Sandburg Trading LLC- This is a local deli that is open every day. You can get your snacks, drinks as well as homemade food. You can choose from cutlet sandwiches to homemade empanadas to fresh egg and cheese on a roll or bagel and much more.

The Dale– This is a fairly new pizza joint that opened. COVID-19 has made the place shut down for eat in but you can still call for pickup. Right now they offer sourdough pizza and drinks but have more items when fully open. Their days of operation are Thursdays- Saturdays from 5PM to 9Pm and Sunday from 12PM to 5PM.

High Voltage Café and Bar– This is another great new eating place that opened in Mountain Dale NY. They have burgers and herb fries as well as other healthier options such as veggie bowls, soup and kale salad. This place is currently open only Thursdays through Sundays.

Ba & Me –This is a Vietnamese restaurant that is open from May to December. If offers fresh and delicious variety of soups, wraps and noodles.

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