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HBTrails was created for sharing our hiking and biking adventures. We also kayak and like to support and showcase local businesses. Whether you’re looking for a new hiking trail to explore or want to reminisce about the one you did years ago, we’re here to help.  Here you will also discover new waterfalls you have yet to visit in New York. Browse through our various options now and discover a new trail that will make you and your feet happy!

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shark week 2022 hike

When is Shark Week 2022?

Are you ready for the new season of Shark Week? This year Shark Week 2022 is July 24th. Since 1988, the Discovery channel has been releasing new and

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hudson valley kids

Hudson Valley Kids

Have you heard of Hudson Valley Kids? If you have kids, then you need to familiarize yourself with this site. Their aim is to help

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ellenville nevele falls

Hiking to Nevele Falls

Once upon a time, visitors used to enjoy the beautiful Nevele resort and hike a short distance to Nevele Falls. The incredible resort hotel opened

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Blue Blaze Coffee

Blue Blaze Coffee

Quick shout-out blog post to a fellow hiker who started her own Blue

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