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Hiking Two Rail Trails and D & H Canal in Wurtsboro NY

We moved to Wurtsboro NY from Queens NY back in May 2013. We have been walking and hiking the D & H Canal and the Rails to Trails in this area ever since.

This hike was on February 3, 2020. We usually try to get to any hiking spot as early as possible to avoid crowds and it just feels amazing getting to a trail super early and seeing the day progress as you hike.

We did almost 13 miles in in just over 4 hours. We jumped from the D & H Canal to the Rails to Trails and I think one of the trail is from the old Wurtsboro Mine. On one of the hikes we found an old glass Listerine bottle. I will post a picture of it on here when I find it.

Strava Data from Hike
The picture above shows our route and some information about the hike. Clicking the picture will take you to our Strava Profile.

Anytime we are on these trails or walking the canal we try to imagine what it was 100 years ago. Every step we take is stepping on history and maybe the same spot someone stepped on 100 years ago or stopped to do the same thing you are doing at that spot, my mind just wonders off and I wish there was a time machine that we can just see the trains and boats roaring thru the D & H Canal and the Railroad which is now Rails to Trails.

Here are some pictures we took from that day at the D & H Canal and Rails to Trails in Wurtsboro NY.

Wurtsboro Rails to Trails
Rocks and water look green in the above picture.

Picture gallery below of pictures we took from that day on our hiking adventure in Wurtsboro.

Have you hiked on these trails? We would love to see your pictures and what you think about these trails. Comment below under FB comments or join us on our FB page.

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