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Fortress Bikes in Hurleyville NY

We finally went to Fortress Bikes in Hurleyville NY and rented our first ebikes. If you want to enjoy a long ride to Hurleyville, you can start from Mountain Dale, New York. We have done this bike ride a few times from Mountain Dale to Hurleyville, and it’s around 25 miles or so round trip. The trail in Mountain Dale is not paved yet, but takes you through Woodridge and South Fallsburg. Neither of these trails are paved but if you have a mountain bike or an electric bike you’ll be fine and flying.

Fortress Bikes NY

Since we had a guest with us, we decided not to take our bikes and instead would rent electric bikes at Fortress Bikes shop. When we got there we choose two electric bikes and one road bike. But let me tell you, once you ride an electric bike, you don’t want to go back to your regular, Joe-schmo bike anymore. Who wants to pedal until their knees scream out; “NO MORE!” No one wants that! I’m telling you, save your knees and try an electric bike. Instead rent an ebike from Fortress Bikes and enjoy the smooth, paved trail in Hurleyville.

How fast did the cool Heybike Cityscape bikes go? Fast enough! When I tested it, I was able to reach 26mph on the 3rd setting. When I was cruising on the ebike, my legs were still doing some work. The bikes are pedal assist and I loved it! Probably a little too much, since I went flying through the trail, leaving my two members behind.

While we usually start the trail from Woodridge or Mountain Dale, this time we just stuck to Hurleyville. We rode our bikes to the end of the trail which leaves you at the highway exit to Ferndale. Then we turned around and tried the trail towards South Fallsburg. The unpaved sections were a little bumpier but on the ebikes I was still flying and the bikes handled very well. We took a break by the lake, saw that our two hour bike rental was up so we headed back to Hurleyville.

If you’re looking for bike rental in Sullivan County, Fortress Bikes has you covered! They also offer snowshoes rentals, rollerblades, and bike trailers. We will definitely be coming back for snowshoes rental so we can do some fresh snow trails.

Bicycle rental service in Hurleyville, New York, near Mountain Dale, Woodridge, Fallsburg, Sullivan County New York Area.
Address: 194 Main St, Hurleyville, NY 12747 Phone: (845) 843-9555

Fortress Bikes Store Hours: 


Video of the HeyBikes eBikes on the Rails to Trails in Hurleyville, NY

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