O & W Rails to Trails Bike Ride Ends With Eating Pizza in the Woods

I think at this point we have done the O & W Rails to Trails from Stone Ridge NY to Kingston NY at least a dozen times. I’m not exactly sure what day this was but it was last summer.

My girlfriend and I scheduled to have a pizza delivered in the parking lot at the Hurley Marbletown Trailhead point along our route, this is where the O&W Rail Trail turns into riding on pavement but its closed off for walking and biking only, it goes right along route 209. Then you jump back on to the trail which can get muddy and hard to ride since it has a lot of grass, this is the last 2 miles to reach Kingston NY. Most people turn around at the pavement and head back towards Stone Ride NY where your car is parked if you are doing this exact route.

O & W Rails to Trails Pizza

Here are some pictures from that day riding on the trails, like always its super fun and beautiful to ride on the trails and try to imagine the trains going thru there many years ago. I wish they would have kept the rail road open but at least now we have miles upon miles of trails we can hike and bike without cars bothering us.

This is at the half way point of our trail ride. We started going back towards our car in Stone Ridge. I think we are around 13-14 miles at this point.

Pizza on The O & W Rails to Trails in NY
We never leave garbage on trails, we actually try to take it out anytime we see it =)

The pizza was amazing. We had it delivered from Savona’s Pizza in Kingston NY. They pulled right into the Hurley Marbletown Trailhead parking lot and dropped of our pizza package.

Pizza on the Rails to Trails NY

Here are some random pictures from the O & W Rails to Trails mountain bike ride I took with my girlfriend. We hope everyone is staying safe out there with this Corona virus. I don’t know if this trail is open at this time (4/14/2020). If you have any information, please comment under FB Comments under this post.

If you have the Strava app you can follow us along and see the exact route we take. For other trails in the area, click here or the image below to see our Strava profile.

HBTrails Strava Hiking & Biking

I was using the Runtastic app for a couple years but they sold out and the platform went to junk. They didn’t give me a good way to organize my exports. So I have a folder with 2500 pictures and no way to know the date or where they are from. So I can’t share the Strava data for this exact mountain bike ride but if you visit our profile above, you will see all of our rides and hikes.

Hiking & Biking Rails to Trails NY
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