Hiking Long Path Section 16

While we are still not half way through, we are getting there and completed Long Path Section 16. This time we also had a ride waiting for us at Peekamoose, thanks to Andy Garrison on NYNJTC. We can’t wait to do the same for anyone else that needs a ride around us. When we got […]

Hiking Long Path Section 15

While Long Path section 15 is mostly street, it was still a beautiful walk. We started the section by driving to the Post Office where we stopped last time but it wasn’t open. Since we didn’t know if it was okay to park there we drove around and checked the tile store, but they were […]

Hiking Long Path Section 14 Into 15

Long Path Section 14 is done. We started the journey by jumping out of bed, having coffee and toast and feeding the cats. We parked at Mt Meenagha Rd and South Gully Road by South Gully entrance. After finishing the hill again and reaching Sam’s Point this is where the section starts from. I was […]

Hiking Long Path Section 13

Long Path section 13 is supposed to be easy because we know the trail and have done it a few times, in sections. We got up, drove down the hill, crossed over, and were greeted by a “Road Closed” sign. They closed off Ferguson Road to do some street work. This added on some extra […]

Exploring the New Mamakating Fitness Trail

The Mamakating Fitness Trail is open for business! While we’ve lived in Wurtsboro since 2013, we’ve only been to Mamakating Park a handful of times. Those times involved us playing tennis, me not being any good, and Nihad giving up on taking us there. In high school I tried out for the tennis team but […]

Hiking the Long Path Trail Section 12

The snow is finally melting and we figured it was time to get back to Long Path Trail Section 12. We were hoping to do section 12 and 13 together but with no ride or two cars, this was a no-go. We drove to Bashakill, parked our car, took a picture of an eagle across […]

Finding Witch’s Hole in Ellenville NY

Finding Witch's Hole in Ellenville NY

Yesterday, we hiked in Ellenville NY looking for the Witche’s Hole. Most days, besides the Long Path, we get in the car and ask one another “Where do you want to hike?” I’ll end up saying what about here or there and he’ll end up saying either “Okay, that sounds good” or “I have this […]