Shark R&R before Shark Week 2021

Shark R&R before Shark Week 2021

Shark Week 2021 starts July 11th and we’re getting excited! We got an inflatable shark from a friend who has a shark website and wants to bring some more awareness for the event. So, we grabbed the 7 foot inflatable shark and took it on a hike. I think that all sharks need a little R&R before Shark Week madness begins, even the fake kind. So, we packed the shark in our backpack and went to one of our favorite waterfalls.

Shark at Mullet Falls

Have you ever seen a shark at Mullet Falls in Rock Hill, New York? Well, feast your eyes below to see a shark flying in front of the waterfall. It was just showing its excitement for Shark Week 2021.

I don’t think we’ve ever hiked to the waterfall as fast as we did on this day. We also never took such a long break here, or anywhere, when we go hiking. Once Nihad blew up the shark, the fun began. The inflatable shark got placed on rocks showcasing the falls and then it was tossed in the air for some flips and flops. It had a blast flying in the air and we got a little workout doing it. It was a win-win for both.

Shark At Roosa Gap Fire Tower

After the nice 3 mile hike round trip, the shark took a little power nap. After the two hour nap, we took it to Roosa Gap Fire Tower. It climbed the stairs and got to enjoy the 360 degree views. It wasn’t the best or most colorful sunset but it was still a beautiful one that we all enjoyed and appreciated. Since it was a bit windy at the Fire Tower, the shark went down the stairs and enjoyed the rest of the sunset from the ground. Overall, I think the Shark had a great time and is ready for Shark Week 2021.

Bio of the Shark

While we wait for some name suggestions for the Shark, we want to introduce you to it. Right now, it has no gender and we like it like that. This seven foot inflatable shark is going on an adventure to help bring more awareness to Shark Week 2021! It came to New York for a little R&R before the week-long excitement kicks off on July 11th. The Shark will enjoy plenty of more hikes, waterfalls and other wild adventures, so stay tuned! We will be showing it around the neighborhood and taking it to our favorite spots. If you see the Shark, make sure to say Hello and take a picture with it! Don’t worry, it won’t bite!

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