Hiking to See the Solar Eclipse 2021
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Hiking to See the Solar Eclipse 2021

June 10th was the first solar eclipse of 2021. We got up late, five in the morning, jumped out of bed, got dressed and left the house. Our plan was to go to Roosa Gap fire tower and watch the eclipse but once we got there we were shocked. The parking lot was full and people were turning around. Some people drove all the way up to the fire tower so they could park and watch the magic happen. Since the fire tower was occupied, as was the space under it, with a lot of spectators, we continued on the Long Path.

Is that the moon?

Once we were a mile into the hike and had an open view, we stopped and started snapping pictures. I should mention that I didn’t think we were hiking and was wearing open toe sandals. I actually love them but they are dangerous to hike in, since you can easily trip and fall over a rock. Glad to say, I did not fall, this time.

As for the solar eclipse 2021 it was magnificent! I know they say don’t look at it, it’s blinding, and they are right, but I did it. Not on purpose but I was pointing my Canon Power Shot SX50 and couldn’t find the sun. I didn’t even change any settings so my pictures did not come out as clear as I wanted. The moon was visible but once I snap the photo everything would turn golden. A woman and her daughter passed us and said “No tripod?” and ran after her daughter. Yeah, I’m one of those people that just likes her camera because it can zoom in really far.

Well, I’m still glad we went because it was a beautiful morning and it’s not every day that you get to witness a solar eclipse. I also got to see and take a photo of a chestnut-sided warbler. Unfortunately, Nibbles was left in the car. It was too early for Nibbles to hike and he didn’t have his morning coffee. When we went back to the parking lot, only our car and another vehicle were there. We both left Roosa Gap at the same time but we got a little more of a hike. Did you get to see the eclipse? How was it?

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