Adventure Shark at Buttermilk Falls

Did you ever see a shark at Buttermilk Falls? Now you have! After a few days of rain, the sunshine finally came back and the shark was ready to play. We took the shark on a quick car ride to one of the waterfalls. Let’s just say the shark did some great nose dives and flips and enjoyed every minute of it. The water, while clean, was icy cold. The shark did not mind but my feet were frozen.

The shark also met a new dog friend, all the way from California! We were too busy playing with the shark at Buttermilk Falls to notice that we had an audience. A couple with a gorgeous dog were behind us watching what we were doing and laughing. They were surprised to see a shark in a New York waterfall. This was also their first visit to the Buttermilk waterfall, but they did mention that they’ve explored the Adirondacks previously. After their pictures, they left and we continues playing with the shark.

The shark wanted to warm up after all that swimming so we had a cup of joe from Blue Blaze Coffee Co. It did the trick for me and I continues to sip the coffee in the car as we drove back home. Overall, I think we all had fun at the falls and we can’t wait to share another adventure with the shark.

Shark Party

When we came home, the shark was ready to party! After two shots of tequila and a quick bath, it took a nice long nap and dreamed of other cool adventures it will have before Shark Week 2021 begins.

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