Tusten Mountain Trail at Upper Delaware River

Today we decided to go to a new spot and found Tusten Mountain trail in Narrowsburg NY. While we’ve been to the Delaware River a few times we never went further up than Callicoon. When we arrived at the Upper Delaware location we first drove down the road and enjoyed the scenery. There are beautiful homes along the road that get to enjoy those river views. Once we decided to turn around we spotted an owl! I believe it’s a barn owl but not too sure. After snapping a few pictures we parked our car and followed into the trail.

Yellow Trail

The Tusten Mountain Trail started off very icy. We saw the sheet of ice and put on our traction shoes/cleats right away. They really give you a boost of confidence when walking. Instead of worrying if you’ll fall you get to enjoy the beautiful views. After crossing the Tusten Stone Arch bridge you have a few lean-to available on the left. A short walk up, there is also a tent spot. I assume this place is very busy during spring and summer.

As you walk further down the road the trail goes to the right. After signing in we took the yellow trail on the left. The trail here goes steadily up until you get to the overview. It was a pretty nice and easy hike up. We did end up taking out snow cleats off only to put them back on when we were heading back down the mountain.  While the snow is melting in some spots, other sections are still in shade and frozen. A few more nice days and rain should clear the whole path. It definitely gave us hope that we might be able to continue the Long Path soon.

The yellow trail at Tusten Mountain Trail that we did was only about 3.6 miles round trip. I can’t wait to come back and do more of the red trail and see where it goes. I’m just glad that we were able to enjoy today’s beautiful weather and get some much needed fresh air!

Cannon SX50 Picture Gallery of Tusten Mountain Trail

iPhone XS Pictures from Tusten Mountain Hike

Tutsen Mountain Trail YouTube Video

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