Delaware River Tubing near Port Jervis NY

Have you ever gone Delaware River Tubing near Port Jervis NY? We discovered the swimming spot in Sparrow Bush a few years ago and go there when we can. Before, we would come to Barryville and go either kayaking for 18 miles or rafting with the family down the Delaware River. This time, we wanted to be lazy and just enjoy the sunshine before winter comes and everything is white again. We grabbed our tubes and life vests and drove to the spot.

Tubing Down the Delaware Rivers

This time we drove three miles from the beach to the Mongaup Valley Wildlife Management Area. This is where two cars come in handy. You can park one car at Mongaup Valley and another at the beach waiting for you. If you don’t have two cars like us, you can walk the three short miles up the scenic byway to your car. You can also jump on the trail once you pass the byway, which connects back to the parking lot.

If you’re going to go Delaware River tubing make sure to bring your life vest and wear them. Snacks are always great as well as water bottles. We took our water cooler backpack and kept our water and snacks in it. Going down the rapids, I made sure to hold on to it and tied it to my vest.

As for the rapids, the first ones are pretty fun. The second one is a bit scary and the third one down the bridge is equally exciting. We kept our tubes tide together so that we are not too far from one another. We can also help each other out if we get stuck on a rock. Okay, Nihad can help me get unstuck, while I just watch.

Once you pass the rapids by the old Saw Mill Rift bridge, hand paddle your way to the beach. We love to swim here and there is a section of sand that your kids can enjoy.

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