Blue Blaze Coffee

Blue Blaze Coffee

Blue Blaze Coffee

Quick shout-out blog post to a fellow hiker who started her own Blue Blaze Coffee brand! We felt extremely lucky to be one of the first people to try this amazing and pretty local coffee tea bag brand! I love coffee and have been drinking it since I was seven. Shh, don’t tell my mom! Just kidding! Her mom (my grandma Ferida) thought me how to drink coffee. I had my own small Turkish coffee cup (it was so cute and tiny with small blue flower motif) which would be full of milk with a dash of coffee. Pretty quickly, it was full of coffee with a little bit of milk and I only needed one cube of sugar to drink it.

Blue Blaze Coffee

I like to think that drinking coffee is in my blood. We drink coffee in the morning, after every meal, coffee after work, and coffee whenever anyone comes knocking on the door. There have been days where I’ve drank more coffee then I should have and still slept like a baby. Some might call this a coffee addict I would call this person a coffee lover. Over the years I have slowed down on my coffee intake but never go a morning without dark roast in my mug.

Steeped Coffee

We had a blast trying the Blue Blaze coffee Switchback Blend. We went to one of our local waterfall spots and did a little photo shoot. Feeling like directors and special effects technicians was great but I couldn’t wait to pour the hot water into the glass and try the coffee! When I reached for one of the packets, the amazing aroma hit me hard! Once we opened the package, the fragrance was incredible! I knew the coffee would be great. After he had his fun with taking photos from this angle and that we got to finally sip it. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I drink my coffee black, no milk or sugar and nothing but dark roast gets my day going. This was great coffee and not bitter! I may have poured a little over 8oz of water in my cup but the coffee was smooth. It didn’t leave my mouth bitter and dry as some diner coffee has.

After trying a few sips, Nihad said; “I wonder if we can have it cold brew” to which I said for him to look at the back of the package! Yes, you can have your Blue Blaze coffee hot or cold! This means you can prepare a cup or two or more ahead of time of your hike and enjoy cold brew while you savor the endless mountain views. I’m really excited to take these coffee bags on our next hike. I love coffee and can enjoy it at any time of the day, but mornings are a must. With these bags, coffee is not messy and it tastes great! I don’t need a French Press or coffee or some extra tools, just hot water and a cup. Or just hot water in an insulated mug!

Coffee on the Go

Another thing that I love about the Blue Blaze steeped coffee is that their packaging is compostable. We like to take everything with us so we ‘leave no trace behind’ but I love that the package will decompose in the ground.

I have to say that if you love coffee on your trails or when you’re camping, you have to give this one a try! It’s smooth, fragrant and so convenient! You can have your coffee while kayaking, hiking, or even biking!

Blue Blaze Coffee Steeped Coffee Bag

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