Short Walk to Roosa Gap Fire Tower on 2-20 Pictures

Short Walk to Roosa Gap Fire Tower on 2-20 Pictures

Sometimes you just need a little fresh air and a short walk, and that’s what Roosa Gap Fire Tower provides us. Snow and not having snow shoes has put a damper on our Long Path journey. It has also stopped our outdoor adventures because we don’t want the snow shoes police coming after us. In all seriousness, we miss the outdoors, even though we live in the woods.

Since it was a beautiful and sunny day, we decided to go for a drive and check out our favorite spots. We wanted to make sure that the trails were broken into. To our surprise, they were! After 22 days of not doing any walking, a short walk up to the tower was a workout. The views from Roose Gap Fire Tower are incredible. It’s not the Catskills but you’re surrounded by dwarf pine trees and endless hills.

While the sunshine was beaming, it was a cold and windy day. I wasn’t expecting to get out of the car so I was not in proper gear. I can’t believe I used to hike in jeans in the winter! What was I thinking? #snowpantsforlife

If you’re in the area, hiking the trails, be sure to admire the 360 views the Roosa Gap fire tower has to offer! Both, the Shawangunk Ridge trail and Long Path go through here. The trails are a mixture of rocks and dirt and are pretty easy, with a few steep hills in between.

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