Kayaking with Kids at Bashakill

Kayaking with Kids at Bashakill

After looking at the Bashakill for seven years we are finally kayaking here. We walked the trails and have now kayaked the marsh more than all combined trips at the Delaware. To me, this place is breathtaking with it’s 360 degree view. Today, we took my hubby’s cousin, her husband and their two kids on the Basha Kill. We were not sure how kayaking with kids would go but it turned out to be a fun trip.

Kayak and inflatable boat
Kayak towing an Inflatable Boat

Towing an Inflatable Boat

We only have 2 kayaks for now; a double and a single one. We got the Intex inflatable boat to tow our moms and have kept it for other uses. Today, the kids and the mom used it and relaxed while the husband towed them with the kayak. As for the kids, they enjoyed the process but got bored in between the ride. They both got a chance to kayak with their dad and when we took a break we walked around. I showed them the old rail road track which we hiked and cleaned before.

I don’t have any kids but if you are going to kayak with them, start it off early. The earlier they do it the more used to it they will get and they will appreciate it more. Make sure that kids have a life vest, snacks and games they can play offline, if you know they get bored fast.

Our kayaking with kids adventure was fun. We got to see eagles and plenty of other birds and turtles. The kids got to see something new, had fun in the kayaks and are old enough to remember the adventure. The mom and I also enjoyed a cold bottle of the Hummingbird wine from Bashakill Winery afterwords.

Bald Eagle Nest
Bald Eagle
green damselfly on leaf
Green Damselfly
kayaking with kids at bashakill 3
Red Winged Blackbird

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