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Hiking the Long Path Section 6

Friday was a beautiful foggy day where we completed Long Path section 6. We parked our car at the end of section six, beginning of section seven and waited for our Uber. Note for everyone: the further you go from the city the longer you’ll have to wait for an Uber. Not only that but service can be iffy, like it was for our last ride. This time our first Uber driver cancelled on us and we waited another 15 minutes for someone else to pick us up. It cost us $18.55 for the Uber ride to drop us off at Lakes Askoti and Skannatati parking lot. Once there we took our picture with the trekking poles and started the hike.

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Overview of the Hike

Long Path section 6 starts off easy by the lake lot. The trail is pretty easy with some rocky and wet spots. Even though it was a cold and foggy morning we still ended up seeing some serious hikers in the trails.

Section six of the Long Path is beautiful with plenty of changing sceneries. You go from being in the forest to climbing and descending rocky paths to squeezing your way through the brushes. In the summer I can easily see people fighting their way to pass through. In one section of the trail you will be hiking a narrow path with lots of dead trees. They look like they recently feel from a storm or old, dead age.

Two and a half hours into our journey we came upon the old wooden trail signs. We learned today that one of those signs is actually missing. Who would steal this piece of history? Why?! Looking at the signs and miles I was amazed to see that NYC was 51.8 miles away. This means that we did over 50 miles already of the trail. It’s really incredible how far your feet can take you.

An hour later we crossed the street and continue the trail in the other forest. This is where I realized that everything was frozen. The branches were covered in ice. As you passed by and brush against them, the ice comes crashing down. Since it was foggy the visibility was nonexistent, if there were views on top of the ridges and rocks, we wouldn’t have seen them. Another hour into our walk and we came by the second lean-to. Half hour or more into the hike, we were done. The hardest part was waiting to cross the street to our car.

Relive iPhone App Video of LP Section 6

iPhone Video Clips from Hiking the Long Path Section 6

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