Esopus Fire Tower Hike

Hiking to Upper Esopus Fire Tower

After completing the Overlook Fire Tower trail, back in the car we went to hike to Upper Esopus fire tower. This is located about 20 minutes from the the Overlook parking lot, in the Catskills Visitor Center. The Upper Esopus tower is the new addition to the previous Catskills fire tower challenges. It was added in 2019. When we came to the location we did not see any tower in the parking lot or around us.

Where Are You, Tower?

Instead of parking by the visitors center, we parked further down in the parking lot, in front of a small crossing bridge. We thought that perhaps the fire tower was up the hill and hidden from view. If we turned around while we were crossing the bridge, we would have seen the tower. After going up to the top through the narrow and very icy path, we realized it just ends to a view with two picnic tables. From the top, we also saw the Upper Esopus Fire Tower and that it was right behind the Catskills Visitor Center. Oops!

After going back down the trail, we were back in the safe parking lot. We took a turn to our right and followed the trail of footprints that led to the tower. A very short walk into the brushes and trees emerged a silver tower. Just like at Overlook, the top viewing part was closed here as well. Even though the tower top view was not accessible the views from the lower parts were still good. You get to see a section

We took some pictures, recorder a few videos, and went back to our car to order pizza from Brio’s Pizzeria. If you’re ever in the area you should check out the fire tower as well as the short .5 mile loop trail. There are signs with information along the trail which are great for the curious minds, the young and young-at-heart.

Hiking Upper Esopus Fire Tower YouTube Video

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