Kayaking at Night to Catch the Sunset

Kayaking at Night to Catch the Sunset

Being on the water can sometimes be daunting, but being in the water at night even scarier. Tonight, we decided to go to Bashakill wilderness area to see the sunset and experienced kayaking at night. This time, our adventure started on the other side of the bridge, which we hiked before as well. The side was darker, bushier and less active. There was no one else on the water on the right side of the Bashakill and we felt very secluded.

kayaking at night to catch the sunset 3

Kayaking through the Marsh

The Bashakill wilderness management area is beautiful and full of green foliage. When you get too close to that foliage, it can be a little creepy. My imagination goes wild, thinking of all the little and big things that can get me. While chasing a blue heron I ended up taking the wrong turn and we were kayaking through the marsh. The path was very narrow and the green grass and plants were hitting me left and right. After a little push here and a little squeeze there, we were able to get back to the open path.

kayaking at night to catch the sunset

We ended up turning around and going under the bridge to the other side after that. The sunset was visible and beautiful on the left side and we can’t wait to do nigh kayaking again here. Once the sunset was gone and the sun no longer laughing at us, we headed back towards our car. On our way we heard a lot of weird nature noises. As soon as they come they disappear and it was silent once again. This went on and off as we paddled through the marsh.

As for kayaking at night through the Bashakill it was new and exciting. I was a little hesitant but it was beautiful and I would do it again.

kayaking at night to catch the sunset 2

Photo Gallery from the Bashkill in Wurtboro as the Sun Sets

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  1. I Love going Kayaking locally where I live dow the Ausable River in Northern MI. I don’t think I would like doing it at night though.

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