Testing Intex Inflatable Boat at Bashakill

For months now we have not given our mothers a hug and try to stay away from them during this pandemic. We wanted to take them out and do something fun with them since Mother’s Day felt non-existing. So, we went to Walmart and got an Intex Inflatable boat. The hope was that they would be able to row by themselves and enjoy the scenery but in the end we pulled them with the kayak. They laughed and laughed some more so it was a success.

inflatable boat at bashakill
Intex Explorer 400

Inflatable Boat at Bashakill

When you experience something magical you want to share it with your loved ones, in our case, this would be our mamas. Since we didn’t have any more kayaks or other options for them, the boat felt like a good idea. When we arrived at Basha Kill the lot was full but the water was still empty. It took only about 10 or 15 minutes to inflate the boat with the pump (we will time this for next time). Once inflated, the boat felt sturdy for the moms. They went in and floated around in a circle.

The “two” oars you get are really one since it should be used by one person together in union. Our mothers did not know how to do this so we tied them up to the kayak and dragged them around. Overall, the boat did great! They were on either side of the boat and stretched out their legs. If you are looking for a quick and affordable solution,the Intex inflatable boat Explorer 400 is a great option. For only $40 it was worth it. We get charged over $40 per person at the Delaware when we go rafting or kayaking so this was a good deal.

rainbow at basha kill
Double rainbow at Bashakill

Bashakill Wildlife

Once we were all tied up and our moms finally stopped trying to help, we all got to enjoy the scenery. This time I brought my Canon SX50 point and shoot camera to capture the Bashakill wildlife. We got to see plenty of red-winged blackbirds, a golden eagle, a bald eagle, turtles and muskrats. A damselfly also When we were leaving the parking lot we saw a snapping turtle crossing the road and some deer.

Overall, our moms loved the Bashakill and had a good laugh on the Intex inflatable boat. We’re so glad we were able to do something for them that they won’t soon forget.

wildlife at bashakill area
Bashakill Wildlife

YouTube video from our adventures at the Bashakill wildlife wetlands in Wurtsboro NY

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