Nibbles hiking for National Trails Day

Nibbles hiking for National Trails Day

National Trails Day was on June 5th, where people go exploring their local trails. National Trails Day is the first Saturday in June, each year. We did not get to go hiking on our local trails on this day but we got to go yesterday. Our shark, winning name Nibbles, got to enjoy the trail with us. Cold water in our backpack and Nibbled in my hand, we parked the car and started hiking down Long Path south entrance on Ferguson Road. After getting down to the creek, we took a little break where Nibbled got to enjoy the cold water. Once the photo shoot was done, we started going up the hill to our view spot. This section is part of Long Path section 12 and SRT (Shawangunk Ridge Trail).

Climbing Hills with a Shark

Going up this hill seems to get easier, or so I tell myself. I’m not sure if we even took any water breaks until we got to the rock spot. It’s amazing how your body can push itself when it wants to. We’ve done this section recently in the winter when there were no leaves and everything was open. Now, it’s all lush and green and gorgeous! Every season has its beauty and challenges. In the winter and fall it’s cooler but no bugs. In the summer, you’re fighting May flies and other bloodsucking critters but the scenery is worth it.

Nibbles the shark did great going up the hill. It may have hit a branch or two and could have ended up with some band-aids but it made it and got to enjoy the views! We pointed out the Roosa Gap Fire Tower and other spots around so Nibbles understands where its standing. We can’t wait to take Nibbles on more local hikes and other adventures.

I love this short hike because it’s a nice workout going up the hills. It is also a short hike, 1.88 miles round trip, if you’re just going to the rock spot. If you go further you will get to enjoy even more open views and can end up at Wurtsboro VFW for the sunset.

Supporting Local Trails

You don’t need to wait for the one day out of the year to support your local trails. Some things you can do to help your local or favorite trails include:

  • Pickup trash
  • Donate
  • Volunteer to maintain the trail
  • Spread the word/encourage others to use the trails

Life is too short and we won’t get to explore all the beautiful trails that exist but we can surely help to keep the ones we use clean.

So, before the week long shark event starts, Nibbles encourages you to go out there and walk! The more you walk the better you’ll feel. This is coming from someone that has 2 bad knees and a dislocated disc in her lower back. On longer hikes I stop in the middle of the trail due to sharp pain, breathe, and push through it. Okay, sometimes I’ll complain and wince in pain but I don’t sit down and give up. Before Shark Week 2021 begins, Nibbles will show you how it’s done! Be sure to coma back often to see more Nibble the Shark adventures!

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