The Best Apps for Hikers
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The Best Apps for Hikers

We have been hiking for as long as we’ve been together (13.5 years). When we first started we didn’t use apps (they didn’t exist), we followed the different trail marks instead. Recently, we discovered some great apps for hikers (from other hikers and followers) that we love and utilize. With these apps your hiking, biking and kayaking adventures can be even more enjoyable.

Miles Tracking App

For a few years we’ve used Runtastic but have switched over to Strava. With the Strava app you can easily choose the activity you are doing; running, biking, kayaking, hiking, and so on. You can track your performance in miles and time, share pictures and connect with other Stava users. Another great thing about the Strava app is that you can set weekly goals for any of your favorite activities. This can help motivate you to go and achieve your fitness goals.

We use the Strava app to track our performance in time and miles. The goal is to do the trails multiple times and hopefully see an improvement in speed. Another thing to mention is that Strava gives you little rewards when you complete different tasks or go on specific trails.

Strava App

Best Trail Finding App

Over the years we went to the same trails because we were not sure where else to go. We would Google and Google some more and end up in same locations. Thanks to AllTrails a lot of hidden trails have become more popular and gained new visitors. Rock Hill NY Mullet Loop trail is one of them. Seven years ago we did not see as many cars as we see now, during weekdays and weekends.

This app allows you to download the map for the trail you want so you can track your progress and see where you are. You will also find reviews of the trail and specifics on how it is; rocky, muddy, wet, beautiful views, hidden waterfalls, and so on. If you are looking for one of the best apps for hikers, you need to download AllTrails! This app can help you find new trails you didn’t even know were close by. The app also provides details on how to get to the trail and you can easily save it to your favorites.

The free version allows you to find the trails, share photos and reviews and create and share your personalized maps. The paid version offers all this and other benefits such as being able to download the map for offline navigation.

Best Exploration App

Plenty of times I’ve seen a plant, a mushroom or something in nature and wanted to know what it was. Alas, I can do that with one simple app; Seek! With this app you can take a picture or upload one and it will let you know what type of plant, bird or amphibian it is. Later you can go and Google to find out more about them.

This app is great when you’re in nature and see something unique. It’s easy to use and even children will love it. If you’re hiking with kids the app can help make the trip more adventurous. You can give them the task to keep their eyes open and use the app when they see something new. From different flowers and plants to mushrooms and frogs, this nature app is wonderful and should be in your phone.

Seek App

Offline Tracking Map App

We’ve hiked and bikes many trails to know that you can be without service on 90% of them. When you don’t have service you can’t track your status or find your way to a trail. This can become frustrating and even scary. We’ve missed our turn a few times because of lack of service. Now, we don’t have to worry about it.

We initially downloaded the Avenza app in order to find the old rail trail and to see old maps of areas around us. You can find maps from the early 1900s and see the train tracks, roads and other landmarks. The app gives you maps based on the location you are in but you can also search for them. Most maps are free and some are paid. What we love about this app is that even if you are in the middle of nowhere, just open the map and it will pinpoint your exact location. This makes it easy to stay on track of your trail or find your way back to the right path.

These are just some of the best apps for hikers that we love and utilize ourselves. With them, outdoor activities are more reliable and fun.

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  1. AllTrails sounds like a great app if you are looking for new adventure. Safety is always an issue and this would help decide where to go next.

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