Panoramic Gallery of Basha Kill Wildlife Refuge in Wurtsboro on 4/21/20

We checked the weather and it said you have 2 hours before it downpours. The weather man is usually 99.999% wrong but we didn’t want to chance it. We went for a short hike by the Basha Kill Wildlife Refuge Center in Wurtsboro NY. We live in Wurtsboro for 7 years now but been here maybe one other time. We will be exploring this area more.

Here is just random panoramic photos of the Basha Kills. We can’t wait to get a kayak so we can go exploring further in.

Basher Kill

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Basher Kill is a stream in Orange and Sullivan counties in the U.S. state of New York. It is a tributary to the Neversink River.

The stream headwaters are at 41°35′10″N 74°27′58″W and elevation of approximately 540 feet in Sullivan County just north of Wurtsboro and connected to the Delaware and Hudson Canal. The stream flows to the southwest paralleling U.S. Route 209 passing under New York Route 17 southeast of Wurtboro.

Panoramic Images of Basha Kills

I hope you like these photos. They are just uploaded raw, no edits. If you want to use any of these images, that is OK with us, just please make sure to link back to our website or this blog post.

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