Hiking Past High Falls in Rock Hill NY

Hiking Past High Falls in Rock Hill NY

I have to say that Neversink Gorge Trails is one of my favorite trails. We’ve done them all numerous times in all the seasons and are always able to find something unique. We don’t always go to see the waterfall; sometimes we go to just explore and do a little bushwhacking. On this day, we decided to hike past High Falls in Rock Hill, NY.

Neversink Gorge Trails

A lot of people come to Rock Hill looking for the waterfall but fail to find it. There is mostly no service on this trail, or in Rock Hill, so don’t think you’ll be downloading any maps when you get there. Make sure to download the map beforehand and use Avenza to track your path.

If you are looking for the waterfall you would take the Blue trail (starting on Blue trail) and follow it to the bridge. The main bridge with hand railing not the first small wooden path. After the bridge, you have the yellow trail to your right which takes you to Denton Falls. Instead of taking the yellow trail, keep going straight until you come to an intersection. Going straight is the Blue trail which takes you to Hill Falls in Rock Hill NY. The Red trail to your left is the trail you need to take to the waterfall. A short walk up and you will see another yellow trail sign to your left. Take this and you will get to enjoy the beautiful waterfall. So, to get to the waterfall you would go: Blue trail to Red Trail to Yellow Trail.

Once you’re done with the waterfall, go back to the red trail and go left. This will circle around and take you back to the blue trail. Just remember, don’t take the first red you see because this is an uphill, unless you like a little challenge. We’ve done it in the winter and got lost. Anyway, we followed the blue path past High Falls and explored the Neversink River some more.

Hiking in the Rain

When we were coming back, a short hike after the High Falls, it started to rain. We hid under some trees for a bit and started to hike again. It rained and kept raining and we got soaked. Since it was such a nice day the rain felt good and it cooled us off.

We took a small break to put away our cameras and headed on. I realized later that I forgot my water bottle. Well, the only reason I realized is because someone said he is thirsty and I look at my empty hand and say oops. We hiked back to the spot and I found my water bottle. We headed back and walked even further this time. Then I realized that my glasses were no longer hanging on my shirt. We headed back and of course found the glasses at the spot where I picked up the water bottle. Even with the extra walking back and forth and the rain, this trail was fun. We explored a new trail past High Falls in Rock Hill and saw more trails that need to be explored.

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