Intex Challenger Kayaks Review

Intex Challenger Kayaks Review

It’s summer time, people are at homes and everyone is ready to escape to the great outdoors. Walmart bike shelves are empty, as are kayaks and other outdoor rafting equipment. We wanted to take the cousins out to Bashakill this weekend but didn’t have enough kayaks for everyone. We looked for deals on Letgo but everything good went fast. So, we went back to Walmart this morning and found two Intex Challenger kayaks.

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Inflatable Kayaks on the Bashakill

The Intex kayaks are an affordable option for those that are on a budget. We got the single inflatable kayaks in Walmart for under eighty dollars each. Once we got to the Bashakill, we used an electric pump and car adapter to inflate them. For the first kayak we couldn’t find the 1st hole that needed to be inflated so we inflated the second one first. Once we found the first hole, we pumped it up as well and moved on to inflating the second kayak.

The process to inflate the kayaks and the seat was easy, especially with an electric pump. I used the hand pump that they give you with the kayak to inflate the green part and the seat. I didn’t read the directions so I just assumed that the green inflated part goes in the back of the kayak. Once all the kayaks were in the water we headed out. Not even a minute in and we had a man down. He was drenched in the marsh water but was a good sport and laughed about it. We switched people around and headed back into the water. Later at a stop we realized the kayak needed to be more inflated so we did it with the hand pump.

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Overview of the Intex Kayaks

As far as inflatable kayaks go, these were good. The Intex Challenger kayaks come with an oar and the inflatable seat is comfortable. There is netting at the front of the kayak where you can put your bag, water or other items. I also love that it was green and just looked really good in the water. If we inflated the first kayak the right way and all the way up, we probably would not have had a casualty. I read other reviews and most people are really satisfied with them and have utilized them multiple times. I would use these again but would make sure that it’s done right and inflated all the way.

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intex challenger kayaks review

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