Cleaning Rio Reservoir in Forestburgh NY

When we first moved upstate seven years ago we had no idea that we were surrounded by trails. Instead, we would drive far and wide in search of one. One of the first trails we visited was the Rio Reservoir. We parked our car by the Forestburgh Town Hall and started walking. We did not end up far since it was busy and we had no idea if we were on someone’s land or in a state forest. Today, after checking up on a property in Forestburg, we decided to check the place out again. This time we drove through the woods and seasonal road and ended up in the South part of the Mongaup Valley Wildlife Management Area.

Rio Reservoir South
Rio Reservoir Boat Launch

What To See

The first time we were here, we walked around the reservoir. It was a short walk but it was amazing. The trees felt giant and the area was just magical. If you are going to come here, we suggest that you bring a kayak or boat. A lot of people park here in the South entrance so they can jump into the water with ease. Apparently, there is also a waterfall here but you can only see it if you have a kayak or non-motorized boat.

This place is also great for eagle watching. If you drive around the Rio Reservoir you will find a watching station. You can also just wait patiently by the water and will see an eagle or a hawk, or both. You will also see the leftover of the old hydro plants which were out of use since 1980s.

Fishing at Rio Reservoir
Kayaking and fishing at Rio Reservoir
Fishing boat at Rio Reservoir
Helping the fisherman

What to Do

At the reservoir, you can watch birds, go kayaking, fishing, hiking, or even bike the trails. Make sure to stop by the Forestburgh general store if you need coffee, cookies, a sandwich or other items that you forgot to grab from home. Don’t forget the bug spray and don’t forget to take your garbage with you. If you bring it in, make sure to take it out!

Rio Reservoir parking lot
Rio Reservoir Boat Launch Parking
Trash at Rio Reservoir
Rio reservoir Penstock
Mongaup River Penstock

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