Hanging Rock Falls in Ellenville, NY

Hanging Rock Falls in Ellenville, NY

UPDATE 10/18/22 – We were recently made aware that Hanging Rock Falls in Ellenville NY is on private property. There is a new sign saying that this waterfall is on private lands. There was no sign like this on our previous visits here. The only sign we saw was one for keeping the trail clean.

There are so many wonderful and hidden waterfalls around us, such as Hanging Rock Falls. We’ve lived here for almost 8 years now and have never heard of or been to this waterfall. Yesterday we finally went and were not disappointed.

To get to the falls we drove through Mountaindale and made a left on Post Hill Road. The rest is history, because I can’t remember all the other turns. In about 20 minutes we were at the parking lot for the hike. There is no trail marking or signs but there is a small walking path in front of the parking. Walk down the hill and you’ll see a little trail to the left and right. The left takes you to a dead end, back to the road, but it’s fenced in. The right is what you need to take.

Follow the Water

The right path ends shortly and goes into the stream. If you follow the water stream it will take you directly to the Hanging Rock Falls. We went on a very cold day but the waterfall was gushing! You could hear it from the parking lot so you know that the hike is very short. It was very icy so we took our time and I’m glad we remembered to bring our trekking poles.

The waterfalls were amazing and just kept going. Please note that the gushing waterfall is very loud and if you’re soft spoken like I am, it will be hard to hear you. Stick with your hiking group or partner and don’t disappear. They might think you went for a swim.

I really can’t believe that we’ve never been to the Hanging Rock Falls in Ellenvill NY before. It’s a short walk but well worth it. The waterfall keeps going and you can follow a path alongside it, enjoying the scenery.

If you love waterfalls, nature, and giant rocks, this place is a must. I can’t wait to go in different seasons, preferably when I can feel my hands. We didn’t see any trail marking or other trails, but it’s clear that you can climb and explore the area. Make sure to keep it clean and always carry out what you bring in!

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