What to do in Ellenville NY

Like most of the Catskills, Ellenville NY was a booming town back in the 1900s through 60s. Then the trains were killed off, airplanes became more popular, and people stopped coming upstate. Instead of supporting our state and locals, they choose to travel far and wide to see other countries. This once booming town with the giant Nevele Resort is not the same but it still offers incredible mountain views and trails.

What to do in Ellenville NY

Sam’s Point– You’ll have to pass through Ellenville to go to Sam’s Point. The parking here is $10 per car but it’s worth it. You will walk a wide path up to the view point and then you can take a trail to the Verkeerderkill waterfall, Ice Caves and do a nice large loop around the park. The views are magical and while the parking lots are packed on the weekends, you’ll still feel secluded on the trails. We like to visit the park early on the weekdays.

Hand Gliding– We’ve never done this but see people flying above you up the mountain, all the time. It’s insane to think that there are people just gliding in the air, enjoying the insane views. I’m not sure if I would be able to do this but it looks like so much fun!

Where to Eat in Ellenville

Ellenville is starting to boom again and new restaurants are popping up here and there. Some of our favorite places include:

Gaby’s Café– This is a Mexican restaurant with a great interior and delicious food. You won’t leave this place hungry.

The Publik House– This is a great little restaurant that uses local products such as farm fresh meat and eggs. Grab a burger after your hike and enjoy the chill atmosphere.

We’ve gone to Sam’s Point a few times during different seasons and every time see something new. We recommend going early since it is a popular spot, especially on the weekend.