First Hiking Adventures in Clarence Fahnestock State Park

First Hiking Adventures in Clarence Fahnestock State Park

When we first met over fourteen years ago, the first place we went hiking was in Clarence Fahnestock state park. We would go as often as we could in spring and summer and even took the family here on their first inflatable boat adventure. Our typical day would be to get there early, have a BBQ by the Pelton pond and then go on a hike. Sometimes, while the food cooked, some of us would go on the 1.5 mile loop around the pond.

Fahnestock Trails

As far as trails go, Clarence Fahnestock state park has plenty of them. Every time we went we tried to complete a different loop or find a new trails. This wasn’t as easy back in the day because we never had a map or went prepared but we always had fun. It also helped that a friend of ours would come sometimes and be our guide. So, what kind of trails do they have? Everything from easy to moderate to a nice workout. There is also a beach here, Canopus Lake Beach, where you can go swimming or rent a canoe. We rented a canoe here and rowed around the lake for an hour while catching a tan.

Looking at the map now, I realize that we did bits of the Appalachian Trail that goes through here. We also took our mountain bikes here and did one of the bike trails. This was back in my bike starting days where everyone was way ahead of me. It took me forever to catch up and I took many, many breaks.

I think this summer, I want to go back to the place where we started hiking and do the trails we missed. Or maybe just relive our old adventures. If you’re looking for a new hiking trail that’s an hour and half from the city, try Fahnestock park. With over 14,000 acres to explore, you’ll be busy for a while.

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