Bruschi Christmas Lights Wallkill NY

Bruschi Christmas Lights Wallkill NY

If you ever watched The Great Christmas Light Fight then you’ll love the Bruschi Christmas lights show. This family has been creating their light show since 2012, brightening their neighborhood and spreading joy. This year has been a crazy one and we all deserve a little more light and warmth. That’s exactly what their beautiful display does. If you want to end your year on a good note and are in the neighborhood, check out their display!

The Bruschi Christmas Lights in Wallkill NY are beautiful and easy to access. The house is on a nice street where you can park your car, tune into their radio station 87.9, and enjoy the show. There were already a few parked cars with their lights off, when we arrived. Once a car left we moved in closed and got an even better view of the show.

Unlike the lights show in Middletown with their cheap tarp and cartoon show, this was a real lights show! The music was a mixture of old and new, spiritual and fun. It’s the magic of Christmas meets comfort and warmth of your car. I wish I knew where we were going and what we were doing. I would have bought some snacks because we stayed for 20 minutes watching the lights and singing to the music.

If you’re looking for a fun family event to do, this is a great choice. The Bruschi Christmas Lights display was put on November 27th and the last show is on December 27th. The best part of this show is that it’s free, you don’t have to touch anyone and you feel like the show is made just for you!

If you missed their light display, you can always drive to Watt Christmas Lights since it will be open until January 3rd.

Bruschi Christmas YouTube Video

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