Hiking at Spring Glen Buttermilk Falls

Hiking at Spring Glen Buttermilk Falls

Another waterfall that we never went to but have heard about is the Buttermilk Falls in Spring Glen. Yesterday we finally went to find it and were not disappointed! The falls also helped us discover new trails and find the section of the D&H that we can explore.

Waterfall Directions

A lot of people don’t know about this place unless you’re a local or heard about it from someone else. We found out about the Buttermilk Falls and mine years ago but never went before. To get to the place, just put in Spring Glen Campgrounds in your Google Maps or GPS and go to the end of the road. There will be side road “parking” on the left and the waterfall is to your right across the stress. It’s pretty easy to see when it’s gushing. I don’t know if it would be as easy to see in the dry months.

Hiking at Spring Glen

We were amazed at how spectacular the waterfall is! It just keeps going! Once we got to the top, thanks to our trekking poles, we realized that we were there before. We started going down the path to the waterfall and stopped because we didn’t know how far we had to climb down and back up the steep hill. Plus we found two ticks on us, freaked out, and headed back.

Once I was able to drag my hubby away from taking a million pictures, we headed left of the waterfall (towards the last house) on the old train track. There are two dogs at the house so don’t get too spooked out. Thankfully, they put them in the house when we were coming back.

A short walk down and we were greeted by another waterfall! This time, I made sure to drag him away a little sooner. otherwise we would have spend the entire time taking pictures  of the waterfall.

As you walk the train track, to your left you’ll notice the D&H Canal. There is a section further down that allows you to intersect and I hope, walk it! *fingers crossed* It’s not part of private property.

It’s incredible to walk through history. Imagine yourself on a train through those woods. The scenery you saw! The colors, the falls, the wildlife! It’s all just incredible and truly disappointing to know that they killed it. The towns that once were booming are now dead because someone out there thought ‘Let’s kill the trains and make some more money.’ Moving on.

Looping Around the Red Trail

At the end of the train trail you end up at Nevele grounds. The hotel was supposed to be revived and opened in March 2020 alas, it did not happen. To the right of the Nevele trail is where we went next. We made a right turn into the woods and followed the ATV track up. After coming up to the blue trail which we visited often, we followed the deer track up to the red trail. Once on the red trail we walked right to make a loop and intersect with the waterfall. If you don’t have Avenza app or Strava, I recommend that you get them. If you don’t know the trails and area it will make your life easier.

Before I wrote this post I wanted to do a little research. I was able to find that the Buttermilk Falls is actually a mine! There is a mine right under the fall but since the water was gushing we didn’t get to see it. Now, if there was a mine there doesn’t that mean that the water is full of lead and you shouldn’t swim in it?! :grimacing: Just a side note.

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  1. It’s amazing the places that you can find while out exploring and immortalize in pictures… You guys do such great jobs of sharing such Gorgeous pictures with the world.

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