Choosing The Right Hiking Trail

Choosing The Right Hiking Trail

When it comes to hiking, you want to start small. A hike that is too challenging off the bat can discourage you from hiking ever again. If you are going hiking with friends and family, you want to be able to choose the right hiking trail. With some planning, everyone can have a great time and enjoy the hike. Choosing the right hiking trail will make the difference whether you and your company have a great time.

What to Consider When Hiking

We’ve taken our moms hiking as well as our brothers and cousins. Not everyone is in the best shape so we had to choose a hike that is suitable for their needs. When choosing to hike with other people consider their:

  • Endurance
  • Hiking Skills
  • Readiness

Recently, we went hiking and did not consider these things. The person was confident that they can do the trail but in the end we had to change courses. His idea of hiking was walking a straight path for a few miles. He didn’t expect giant hills, rocky terrain or a narrow trek. That’s another thing; he kept saying that this was not a hiking trail but trekking path. While that was annoying to hear it made sense. The next time you’re thinking about going hiking with other people don’t just consider what they want, can or can’t do. Instead, ask the following questions;

  • Where did you hike before?
  • How many miles do you wish to do?
  • Do you have hiking boots or shoes?
  • How prepared are you?
  • What kind of trail do you wish to do?
  • Do you want to reach peeks, see a view, or have a hiking goal?

And even after you get your answers, consider the trail, the difficulties and whether they will enjoy it and complete the trail. It’s better to be safe then sorry and have to head back half way because you’re both miserable. Make sure to consider the company you’re hiking with and their needs before choosing the right hiking trail.

Hiking for the Soul

Hiking is one of the best ways to connect with nature, get a workout and release stress. You do not want to be stressed out and worrying while hiking with others because it can lead to dangerous mistakes. Hiking should feel great, lighten your soul, not do the opposite. Choosing the right hiking trail will make sure that everyone has fun, is able to do it, and will want to do it again.

When hiking with others, don’t assume that you know the person’s limits. It’s said that when we complain and say we can’t do something anymore, we are only at 40% capacity. Even if this is true, people might not be willing to hear it or accept it. Be encouraging, be patient and give your group plenty of breaks.

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