Drive Thru Light Shows

Watt Christmas Wonderland Light Drive Thru Show in Goshen NY 2020

Have you been to the Watt Christmas Wonderland light drive thru show in Goshen NY? We went last year and are stocked to go again this year. Due to Covid-19 this is one of the safest things you can do with your family. You sit in the car and drive through a magical world full of lights, blown up Santas and plenty of stuffed bears.

Drive Thru Light Shows

If you are out of things to do during these colder but festive days, get in your car and enjoy the drive through lights. Unlike some other drive through holiday lights shows like Jones Beach, this one is personal. Watt Christmas Wonderland was created 15 years ago by John Watt. He loves Christmas so much that he wanted to create something spectacular that everyone else can enjoy. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is something magical about the holiday. It brings everyone together and can help us forget about our troubles, if only for a few happy minutes.

Update of the Drive Thru

Tonight we decided to do two holiday drive through shows. The first one was Holiday Light Spectacular in Middletown and it was nothing special. It lacked lights and their show was a short cartoon movie. The movie is great for little kids and if you grew up watching these clips as a child, it will take you back. After their pricey show we drove 15 minutes locally to Watt Christmas show.

When you get near the entrance for Watt Christmas Wonderland you know that you’ve arrived at the right place! There are lit trees around and and you the whole area illuminates. At the entrance you can donate $5 or more, tune into the radio station and start driving as slow as possible. Unlike the other two drive through show, this one is packed with holiday decor. From plastic Santas to inflatable ones, to large ones to small ones, you know you’ve arrived to the magical land.

Since the entrance to the show is $5 you can go around multiple times to take it all in. Again, just drive slow, pay attention and enjoy that smile that’s stuck on your face for the entire ride.

As I’ve mentioned before, this show is packed with holiday decorations. The entire pathway is surrounded by various Christmas decor but in an orderly fashion. The Grinch has his section, large Santa here, small Santa over there, Olaf next to Elsa, and so on. After the ride was done, you’ll want to do it again. We’ll be going back this year before it ends and hope to come for another 15 or more.

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