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CJ and Jess Hudson Valley

Sometimes Santa needs a little extra help and by donating toys to CJ and Jess Wolf Holiday Express toy drive, we can do that! This year, they have been collecting toys for Salvation Army in Poughkeepsie and Family and Children’s Aid in Danbury Connecticut. Every toy donated can help a family in need and put a smile on a child’s face. And who doesn’t want to see a child smile during the holidays?! With the years we’ve all been having, why not try to help someone when and if we can.

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When we heard on the radio that there was a CJ and Jess Wolf Holiday express toy drive, we thought this was the perfect time to let go of some of our toys. Over the years we’ve collected a lot of die cast and figurines, as well as some junk, thanks to auctions. We would go to local auctions and estate sales, especially when they had toys, and scoop up what we could. Some stuff we sold but a lot we just stacked up in a closet. During holidays and birthdays we would fish some out and gift to our families kids. Today, we packed the good stuff up and drove it to the Wolf radio station.  Now, there is more room in my closet and some kids will get to hopefully enjoy some toys.

From vintage toy banks to Marvel action figures to some dolls and Star Trek collectibles, we had it all! We also had some wrestling figures and a used Xbox 360, all which went to CJ and Jess Wolf Holiday Express toy drive. I remember as a child receiving a stuffed elephant toy in a sleeping bag during the war and it meant everything to me. I cherished it for years and always wondered who the person was that sent it to me. My mother ended up donating the toy one day without telling me. As much as it broke my heart, I hope it found a new home and brought comfort to another child. Toys, whether big or small, can make a huge difference in a child’s life. I hope that at least one of our toys is able to do that.

I still have a few more closets to go through and prepare toys for next year. If you have toys in your home that no one opened or played with, it’s time to find them a new home. Donating toys for a good cause was also the least we could do for our favorite local celebrity radio host, Jess.

CJ and Jess Hudson Valley

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CJ and Jess Hudson Valley

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