Sullivan House Bar and Grill Grand Opening

Sullivan House Bar and Grill Grand Opening

Wurtsboro will finally be getting another bar on April 2nd, 2022, this time called Sullivan House Bar and Grill. This house was built in 1950 and became a hunting lodge in 1962. Its previous name was S & J Hunting Lodge, Inc.. Thanks to the new owners, this structure got a beautiful facelift and is turned into a modern bar and grill.

While we’ve lived in Wurtsboro for nine years now, we only went to the previous bar once. We saw a nice sign for a large cheese pie for a low price and decided to try it. I don’t think many people see a pizza sign in front of a bar and decide let’s try their pizza. But we do. I called them and ordered a large cheese pie for pickup.

When we arrived and went inside to pick it up, there were only a handful of people inside. It was a little past one maybe, but the regulars were there to support the bar owner. The place definitely gave us Cheers vibes. Everyone was around the bar, talking and laughing. We stuck out like a sore thump and felt a little out of place. So, we never went back but the pizza was very cheesy and decent. We did talk about going back but never got a chance.

We can’t wait to go through those doors again and see the newly renovated space and of course try their food. Delicious food and a cold beer go hand in hand, especially as the weather gets better. Sullivan House Bar and Grill opens on April 2nd, 2022. If you follow their page on Instagram, they are having a beanie giveaway. The winner will be chosen at the grand opening ribbon ceremony on Saturday.

Visit Wurtsboro NY

Wurtsboro NY has a lot of great trails and a ton of history. You can walk the D&H Canal tow path, hike the Shawangunks, explore the mines, or walk the old O&W trail. If you’re in town on April 2nd, come to the grand opening to show your support. The address of the bar is below.

Sullivan House Bar and Grill 544 Wurtsboro Mountain Road, Wurtsboro, NY 12790

Opening Day

Yesterday was the grand opening of Sullivan House Bar and Grill. The parking area was packed with cars. The outside and inside of the bar was packed with excited people. The High Meadow Project set up their mobile wood burning pizza station outside and it was a success. Who doesn’t like wood fired pizza? We ordered a margarita pie and some wings. While we waited we listened to some locals talk about the previous bar. They were impressed by the new setup and that they finally have a bar to go to again.

While we did not go inside the bar this time, we can’t wait to go soon. It’s been years since we stepped inside one and mingled with the locals. We did not want to go in this time since we were coming from a hike and felt dirty. Next time, we will be fresh and clean and ready to play a game of billiards!

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  1. I grew up in the area until sixteen years old. My family left to find more consistent work to support the family.
    It is exciting to see a resurgence of new businesses and new residents to the area.
    Now at almost sixty two years with living elsewhere I look forward to returning again to see my “home”.
    Of course I have returned before to the home I love so much. But to return to a rebuilding Catskills will be very joyful for me .
    I follow many pages of local interest on the internet and carefully examine the photographs and news of the area. This is a hobby or pastime and very rewarding.

  2. As this is a new establishment, I’ll hope that they get better. No real tables to sit at. I didn’t want to sit at a crowed bar (1 seat left) and I wasn’t keen on eating while facing the wall on a stool. Food took a while to come out (about 25 minutes). There were only about 3 or 4 people eating. They could have used some help in the kitchen. Food ( burger ) was very tasty but…Very light on the lettuce and tomato. Tomato was a little bigger than a quarter. Bartender pouring from a shot glass (light). Staff was friendly and the place was clean and well decorated. All in all, not bad, and hoping to return when they get the kinks out.

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