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Drive Thru Bethel Woods Holiday Peace Love & Lights Sneak Peak 2020

We’ve lived in upstate NY for seven years and never really went to Woodstock. We’ve passed by a few times but never stopped to explore. The other day we were in the area and saw the volunteers settings up for the drive through lights show. We decided to park our car and finally explore this incredible historic site. If you’re in the area, come and see where Rock and Roll music made its history. Be sure to check out the lights! Below is a sneak peak video 2020 for the Bethel Woods Holiday Peace Love & Lights drive through show.

“Peace, Love & Lights is this season’s best and brightest socially-distant activity to enjoy with family and friends.”

The Bethel Woods lights show is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. You’re able to enjoy a light show from the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Tune in to their radio station (107.7 for us) and enjoy the festive music as you pass through the glistening lights.

The show offers over one mile of holiday lights which you can drive through or walk through, on specific days. They also offer a special discount to First Responders and other essential workers. I know a few and hope they will get a chance to come up and enjoy the show.

As far as the lights show goes, it was great. I suggest driving at 5mph, like they recommend, and taking your time. Be sure to look both ways as there is something to make you smile in every direction. It wouldn’t be a show without a nod to Woodstock so be sure to look for those holiday lights as well.

The Peace Love and Lights show at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again. Before driving to the show, we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from their parking lot. If you come there early, you can do the same.

Additional Information

The Bethel Woods Holiday Peace Love & Lights show is a great excuse for you to come to Woodstock. If you’re coming for the lights show, be sure to bring some healthy food donations. They are partnered with Nourish your Neighbor Community Drive to benefit the Shepherds Food Pantry in White Lake. Be sure to look at their chart and donate healthier food, such as low-sodium and no-sugar added items.

At Bethel Woods Center for the Arts you can also check out the museum. Admission is only five dollars and you can submerge yourself in the Woodstock history.

During the holiday season, you can also enjoy dinner with Santa! Be sure to check out their website for full details.

Here is a little sneak peak video of the Peace Love and Lights show at Bethel Woods.

Since it gets dark by 5 o’clock, we all get a little cabin fever, especially if you live update. Bethel Woods Holiday Lights show is a great way to spend time with the family, learn a little Woodstock history, and enjoy good food. You can enjoy a meal at The Holiday Hub and take pictures around the massive tree. Who needs the Rockefeller tree when you got Bethel Woods?! Let’s all end 2020 on a happier and more festive note!

Bethel Woods Light Show 2020

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  1. I know these lights look so much cooler in real life but great photos and I adore Christmas light displays like this!

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