Testing our Family's Hiking Limits

Testing our Family’s Hiking Limits

For the past few weekends we like to take the family out on a hike. We started them off small with a hike in Rock Hill that was around five miles. They did additional two miles later that day and the following weekend over seven miles. Today they were put to the test and did over 15 miles. When it comes to our hiking limits, we need to push ourselves. We soon realize that we can do way more than we thought we could.

Family Hike challenge
Hiking with Family

Hiking in Ellenville NY

Today we took the cousins to Ellenville and parked at one of the viewpoints. If you’ve never been here, you should stop by and enjoy the view from the road at least. We walked a little on the road, which is dangerous and then jumped on the trail to the right. Little did we know that the path would make us go through someone’s backyard and cross the street. This should be updated on the maps on Avenza.

Once we got to the right trail across the street where we were, we started our hike. Well, we first brushed off our shoes to prevent contamination. The trail was beautiful and very scenic. One side looked cold/blue while the side we were on was lit in sunlight and greenery. We kept calling the other side “Winterfell”.

As we were hiking, I heard a little grumble. It sounded like a bear but no one else heard it. A few minutes later I looked up and saw the bear. He was a big boy and looked right at us but didn’t bother coming down to give us a better looksy. We continues on with our trail, and many uphills, and ended up in another intersection that goes to Sam’s Point.

Black bear in the woods
Black Bear

Hiking Sam’s Point

Even though we started our hike early, by the time we got to Sam’s Point the parking lot was full. (At least we didn’t have to pay the $9 car fee) A lot of people were there but all the trail paths were closed. We ended up hiking to the view and did a circle around the water reservoir. Once we started to head back to our trail, we met a man from Facebook that is doing a real hike. He is hiking and camping in different parts on his way to complete his many many miles. I believe they are in the three digits. While everyone was chitchatting I was spraying IcyHot on my legs.

This just shows you that no matter your age, you can do anything. Your hiking limits are endless. When you think you can’t do anymore, you see a bear and all your energy is put back in your body. Your legs learn to move again and you’re more alert. Even if there was no bear you still have to push yourself to complete what you started.

Once we got back to the main road where our car was, some said to keep going a few more miles. We did a loop on the Shawangunk Ridge that we were on the day before. There was a lot of complaining and moaning and “How much longer?”, which were all ignored. In the end they did over 15 miles. They were proud of themselves and even ran a little once they saw the car. When it comes to hiking limits, your body will tell you when it’s time to rest. Listen to your body and give it a minute or two and start again. Be sure to stay hydrated and bring light snacks.

Sam's Point
View from Sam’s Point

Hike Overview

This 15.7 mile hike was beautiful. Not only did we see a bear we got a great leg workout. There were plenty of uphills and some flat spots. The trail was a little scary because it was narrow and steep in some places. You really have to watch your footing. At Sam’s Point we also saw a rattle snake. I believe it’s a timber rattle snake. At first I thought it was a northern black water snake but nope, everyone saw the rattle.

One thing that everyone enjoyed was eating wild strawberries at Sam’s Point. They were plentiful and so delicious! It brought us all back to our childhoods, picking fruit and berries along the roads while walking home.

If you are in need of a good hike with some great hills, plenty of nature and wonderful views, try this hike.

testing our family hiking limits 3
Rattle Snake

Photo Gallery from Hiking Sams Point and the Long Path

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