Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls

Walking to Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls

If you’ve never visited Delaware Water Gap to see Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls, now is the time. It has been on our list for a while, but we have never made it. We were supposed to go to Lowe’s, but someone decided just to keep driving, and before we knew it, we were in the parking lot with another car. There was a gate at the entrance, and we had to walk on the street to the falls.

Dingmans Falls road is closed from January 2nd until April 15th, but you can still walk the road. The road was empty, with a water stream to the right, surrounded by trees. After a few minutes, we came to an opening with a small “waterfall” and thought that perhaps this was one of the falls. The couple before us told us that the waterfall was just a few minutes walk down the road. Once you reach the visitors center, you walk to the right and follow the beautiful boardwalk.

The first waterfall you see is an incredibly sleek one called Silver Thread Falls or Silverthread Falls. It might be a “thin” waterfall but it stands 80 feet tall and is breathtaking. It falls in a perfect line. After taking pictures and admiring the falls for a few minutes, we continued walking the fantastic boardwalk. Five minutes later, we were in front of Dingmans Falls. This falls is loud and spectacular, standing at 130 feet tall. It is the second tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, right after the famous Raymondskill Falls, just “down the road.”

While someone was recording videos and taking more pictures than they needed to, I decided to walk up the stairs. I did not know that more stairs awaited me once I started going up the stairs. After walking up 252 stairs, you reach the top of Dingmans Falls. Most people will prefer the view from the bottom, but it was a great workout. Since it was getting dark, we headed back down the stairs toward the visitor’s center. It might have taken us 20 minutes or a little more, but we were back in the car and on our way home.

Waterfalls in Pennsylvania

If you’re going to come to Delaware Water Gap in Pike County to see Dingmans Falls, plan to do it last. It’s an easy walk to both falls from the visitor’s center. Instead, start your waterfall hike at Hackers Falls. Do the short 2.8 mile hike, in and out, cross the street, and walk to Raymondskill Falls. Bask in the glory of this massive 178-foot, roaring waterfall and enjoy it from multiple angles. When you’ve had enough, drive ten minutes on Route 209 and enjoy Dingmans Falls and Silverthread Falls. If you don’t want to walk the paved road, wait until the visitor’s center is open after April 15th.

For an unexpected hike, this was a beautiful surprise. We can’t wait to go back and explore more trails around the area.

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