Hiking Around Wolf Lake in Rock Hill NY

Hiking Around Wolf Lake in Rock Hill NY

When we signed up for the NYNJ 100 Miles for 100 Years we thought it would be fun and easy. A 100 miles in a month seemed like nothing but the days kept rolling in and we were not hiking or biking. When we decided to do some bike miles, we found out that one of the wheels was broken. So, hiking it was. We did two miles here and there, and ten miles at Roosa Gap state forest. Before we knew it we needed to do 30 miles in two days. Easy, right? Sure! On Friday it snowed and made it a perfect day to go hiking around Wolf Lake in Rock Hill NY.

Hiking in the Snow

On Friday, we woke up to a beautiful coating of white snow, around our home. We couldn’t really see it until the sun came out but once we did, we got ready and drove to Neversink Gorge Trails. We decided to take the red trail towards Mullet Falls. Instead of going right to the falls we went exploring the left path. This path was short and took us to the open field or Power Line Rd. We’ve hiked here many times and saw the path to the trails but didn’t know where it led. Now that we know, we will be hiking it more often.

Once we realized where we were, we walked up to the connecting trail that takes you to Wolf Lake. From there we were going to get back on the trail and go back towards the falls. Instead, we decided to walk the whole lake. You would think that walking on paved road would be easier but it was actually harder on my back and hip. You bet your bottom dollar that once we were back in the woods on the trail I was rubbing MAKA Earth CBD oil all over. It eased my discomfort a bit and I felt ready and eager to keep going.

Going back to Wolf Lake in Rock Hill NY, this is a private area with lake side homes and cabins. Everyone tries to outdo one another with their fancy signs and mailboxes. There were also a lot of permits around the area. So if anyone wants to move here know that you need a permit for EVERYTHING! From taking out a dead shrub to painting your house a new shade of red to planting new trees. The permit game is very strong in this area.

Completing Our Goal

After hiking around Wolf Lake in Rock Hill NY, we jumped back on the Neversink Gorge Trail. We went to see the Mullet Brook waterfall and continued our way home. At home, we changed out of wet clothes and soaked shoes and drove to our town. We parked the car by the art gallery in Wurtsboro and crossed the street to start our second trail.

By the time we were hiking in Wurtsboro, the snow has stopped and had melted. The rainy days before did not help the D&H Canal trail at Moore Lane. Right after the “dog house” you are faced with a lot of water issues. Even with our new dry boots and double socks, we still managed to get a little wet. Alas, there is no crying in hiking, or maybe that’s just for baseball?

Once we finished the D&H canal and got to Route 209, we walked down the street and made a right. At the stop sign/gate you enter and follow the path. This takes you to the old train trail. This trail was dry and we were able to catch a little sunset view. The trail ends by the old train station, which is where we stopped and ordered our Chinese food from.

In the end, we did over 20 miles in one day. We got to explore Wolf Lake and rewarded ourselves with white rice and shrimp.

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