Kayaking with Family During the Weekend

Kayaking with Family During the Weekend

We like to plan things ahead and do our hikes early in the morning. There have been times when it was mid day and we said let’s go for a hike. Those are rare days and usually in the fall or winter. Yesterday we planned to go kayaking with another cousin, her husband and kid. This was supposed to be at 11:30am but unexpected chain of events occurred and we were late. We hate to be late to anything and prefer to be early instead. In the end everything worked out and more people were able to join us! We now have a new kayak crew! Even though it was the weekend, kayaking with family was great and we can’t wait to do it again!

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Essentials for Kayaking

If you are kayaking with family and kids, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, kids get bored and tired so snacks are one great way to keep them occupied. We used the Intex inflatable boat so that all three of the little ones could enjoy their time, spread out and just relax as we towed them. This got boring to them so we let them do a little rowing themselves. The kids did great! Well, two of them, the third one was knocked out and snoring away.

Snacks for the big kids (adults) are also essentials. Since we went with a nutritionist she came prepared with cheese, tomatoes and strawberries. The other cousin packed cheesecake and you can bet your bottom dollar that I had a slice.

The goal of the trip was to get the kids to be more active and enjoy the outdoors. It also helped that they had each other to chit chat with and eat all the good snacks with. Besides your kayak, life vest, water and snacks, make sure to bring a good attitude.

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Kayak Trip Overview

We got in the water pretty late but we still managed to stay in a couple of hours. The whole family got to enjoy their time and the kids were pretty good. We learned that we should bring more or better snacks for next time adventures.

If you are kayaking with family, make sure that you have the essentials; snacks, water, life vests and entertainment for kids. If you’re bringing fishing poles, make sure your license is up to date. Fly fishing worked out for our fisherman in the group and he was able to catch a small fish. He let it go but just an FYI, Bashakill has fish and you’re allowed to fish on the march.

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YouTube Video from Bashakill Kayaking Adventure with Family

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