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D.I.Y Jimmy’s Workshop Birdhouse Build

I recently ordered the DIY Jimmy’s Workshop Birdhouse and had the birds build it. They had a little help from me, but they did an excellent job making the birdhouse. I’ve been following Jimmy DiResta and watched him build his barn for a long time. He inspired me to get in my garage and start building stuff. Even without the right tools, you can still make something from scraps. I try to use up everything as I can and utilize any new woodworking skills that I learn.

Jimmy DiResta inspires kids and adults to be creative and build with their hands. Jimmy’s Workshop birdhouse is one of the four kits you can choose from to make. The other three options are a barn house, a serving tray, and a toolbox kit. All the kits come with prefabricated cutouts of the item you want to build. You will need simple things such as a hand saw or serrated knife, sandpaper, and wood glue.

The first thing you will do is cut out the printed pieces. Once you cut them out, sand them and put the The first thing you will do is cut the printed pieces out. Once you cut them out, sand them and put the pieces together. If everything looks good and all the pieces fit, remove them and use wood glue this time. After the glue has dried and your kit is complete, you can paint or decorate the item the way you want.

Camera for Timelapse

I use my GoPro Hero 10 for hiking, bird videos, sunrise and sunset timelapse, and more. While I like my iPhone, using the GoPro is more convenient. The quality of the videos and photos is also incredible, and I can record during the night as well. If you’re looking for a versatile and compact camera, GoPro is a great option.

For the birdhouse build, I had the birds assemble the kit by enticing them with bird seeds. Every employee needs a little incentive in order to want to work a bit harder. It worked and they did what I needed them to do. You can watch the full YouTube video below and see various birds work hard to make this project a success. The next thing they have to do is paint the birdhouse. To be continued.

GoPro Hero 10 YouTube Jimmy’s Workshop Birdhouse Video

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