Hiking to High View Tunnel
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Hiking to High View Tunnel

For eight years, we’ve lived in Wurtsboro and just now discovered the High View Tunnel. We pass by the street all the time when we go local and never knew that we could hike the other side. After stumbling on a site with details about the tunnel, I was curious and wanted to check it out.

Tunnel Path

To get to the tunnel we parked behind the VFW building (old train station) and walked towards the road. We’ve hiked the trail up and towards the woods and now we were stepping over to new territory! We followed the old train path and crossed the road. To the left was the entrance to the continued road. As we walked it a short distance, we saw the old concrete telephone booth. It didn’t have a telephone in it but it’s incredible that something like that was in the middle of the woods.

The further we went, the wetter it got. There was a stream to our right and ahead of us was the mine! It was just like the picture showed and still standing. To get to it was a little mission as there is a lot of sharp metal scraps around the site. This was used to hold the brick structure up.

After taking a lot of pictures and admiring the structure we started to head back but decided to explore a little more. We walked towards the highway, took some sunset pictures and headed back to the trail. Somehow we ended by the stream and the trail that ran from it. If you follow this trail it will take you down to the dead end road where there are a few homes. Instead of doing this, we walked back up to our train trail and walked back to our car. The whole way through we talked about the train, how great it would be if it was still there and the people that made it possible.

While the High View Tunnel still stands, it probably won’t be there for another 100 years. If you have a chance, see it before its history is lost to many.

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