Visit Kingston NY

visit kingston ny
Kingston NY Rail Trail

Kingston NY is another great and historic town in Ulster County. It’s full of history, old churches and friendly people. We usually end our O&W rail trail ride in Kingston, eat a slice of pizza and go back. We also connected to the Wallkill Rail Trail by going through the town and riding on the street. It’s not too bad, even for an inexperienced bike rider like myself.

Trails in Kingston NY

There are a few different trails you can ride or walk on in Kingston NY.

Kingston Rail Trail Project – This connects to the O&W Hurley rail trail. You can do about 28 miles roundtrip on this trail.

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail – This is a 23 mile trail that takes you through Kingston, New Paltz, Rosendale and Gardiner. This is a popular trail with a lot of walkers but it’s a great trail for bikers.

Bluestone Wild Forest– If you’re looking for a nice little hike by the water, this is a great spot.

O W Rails to Trails NY
Visit Kingston NY

Places to eat in Kingston

When you visit Kingston NY, you want to know where to eat. We haven’t tested many places except the pizza but we will keep you updated.

Picnic Pizza– After our ride from Stone Ridge to Kingston, we stop by for a slice of pizza and a drink at Picnic Pizza. There is seating outside so we can watch our bikes while we eat. The pizza wasn’t as flavorful as we like but it hit the spot.

This is probably the only place where we’ve ate in Kingstone NY. Once we check out other places, we will add them to the list.

So next time you visit Kingston NY, don’t just pass by. Stop by a trail, look at the nature and enjoy a pizza in the woods.

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