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Hiking to Stony Kill Falls in Minnewaska

We’ve hiked numerous times at Minnewaska Preserve state forest but have never visited Stony Kill falls. Today was the day that we went to admire this incredible waterfall. The last time when we were to Minnewaska State Park, I saw the number 6 waterfall and wondered where it was. After looking on the map, we found out that it was the Stony Kill waterfalls. We marked it on our list of places to visit and today we did just that.

If you’re not big on hiking, have limited mobility or are recovering from an injury, this waterfall is for you. It’s an easy .25 mile walk to the waterfall from the parking lot. When driving to the parking you might feel like you’re lost but just keep following Google Maps and you’ll get there. The parking area is large and open and the trail is well marked. You can also hear the water gushing as you walk towards the woods.

Once at the waterfall we stayed on the bridge and enjoyed the views. We also took out Luna the dolphin and let her enjoy the views as well. The falls drops 87 feet over white quartz cliffs into a pool that oozes down the stream. After going up the impressive stone steps we enjoyed the waterfall some more. We were hoping that we would be able to hike a little of the trail that continues into Minnewaska Park. Unfortunately, the trail was closed. So, we packed Luna away and went back to the car for more waterfall adventures.

If you’re in the area or want to do an easy, short walk into the woods to a magical falls, Stony Kill Falls is for you! This falls is one of six in Minnewaska State Park Preserve so don’t just go to Awosting.

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  1. This looks like a nice, easy hike but the steps could still use handrails to make it easier and safer for people with physical disabilities.

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