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When is Shark Week 2022?

Are you ready for the new season of Shark Week? This year Shark Week 2022 is July 24th. Since 1988, the Discovery channel has been releasing new and exhilarating shark content that we can’t get enough of. From short movies to new documentaries to great celebrity appearances, our Shark Week expectations are very high! While Discovery didn’t release the full schedule yet, we know it will be good.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve seen us with a large and small inflatable shark on the trails. Who are these dashing sharks, you ask? Their names are Nibbles and Nibbles Jr, and they are our content creators. We got Nibbles, the 6-foot inflatable shark, to promote Shark Week for a shark website. Nibbles went on various adventures, including hiking, to the fire tower, and sliding down a waterfall or two. His son, Nibbles Jr. is doing the same to promote Shark Week 2022.

Inflatable Sharks and Friends

Are you a Shark Week lover and watcher or do you prefer National Geograohic SharkFest? SharkFest Started July 10th this year and will get you ready for Shark Week 2022. You won’t be disappointed with their wide selection of programming.

We also have other inflatable animals that we take on various adventures. Another animal you will see with us is a colorful dolphin named Luna. Luna, the dolphin, goes on-water adventures and promotes a dolphin website. We try to make every one of their adventures a little different and unique. Would you go hiking with a six-foot shark or a seven-foot whale? We’ve done it.

We don’t just go hiking with inflatable animals. Sometimes we take products we love with us as well. We love MAKA Earth products and take them on our hikes. My favorite is the Maka Earth Soothing CBD body oil. It’s easy to use and roll-on, even in the middle of the woods, on a trail, while your knees stop cooperating.

Do you have anything that you want to promote? Message us, and we might take your product with us on hiking, kayaking, or biking adventure.

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  1. You need an inflatable cuddle fish and giant squid.
    Why? It’s a CUDDLE fish and GIANT squid.
    You can call them Sidney and Janelle.

  2. I love the ocean but I’d be freaking out swimming in one now, on the lookout for sharks & jellyfish & sting rays lol

  3. Are inflatable sharks really a good idea? I know they are fun but if they are used in the sea a proportion will get lost and eventually break down into microplastics and end up contaminating the species sharks prey on. We really do need to think about alternative materials for the things we use for fun at the seaside rather than plastics made out of petrochemicals.

  4. I love Shark Week and the ocean. It’s so beautiful. I’m an avid fisherman. But, I’m definitely afraid of the sharks, sea snakes, stingrays, crocs and jellyfish.

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