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Hiking the Long Path Trail Section 12

The snow is finally melting and we figured it was time to get back to Long Path Trail Section 12. We were hoping to do section 12 and 13 together but with no ride or two cars, this was a no-go. We drove to Bashakill, parked our car, took a picture of an eagle across the water and started our journey. We’ve walked the trail around Bashakill Wetlands multiple times but never went to the end. We even biked here a little but never got too far into the trail. This was at the beginning of my biking days where 3 miles were a lot. Now, if it’s not 20 miles or more, I feel like I didn’t accomplish much.

Back to the Long Path section 12, this was a beautiful trail. You start off across from the Bashakill Vineyards parking lot and continue on the path to your right. This section is usually wet but we were surprised that it wasn’t when we were walking. Then we realized it’s towards the end of the trail before the road where it gets bad. While the walking path is easy, it got tricky maneuvering around the water-filled sections. If you got waterproof boots or come here in the summer, you’re good. You can also bring some bags and tie them to your shoes and protect your feet. Make sure to take your bags with you!

Once you cross over the road, the path continues and it’s still magical. You got a forest to your right, water to your left and a clear path in front of you. At the end of the trail we were surprised that it ends in our town, Wurtsboro! We never knew that we could park our car and walk the whole Bashakill. Mind-blown!

Long Path Section 12 Trail

Once you get to the end of the beautiful walking trail, you need to do some street walking that eventually turns right and then another right at Sullivan St towards O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson. (There is another trail there, as well, that connects to the other side of the D&H Canal and the old mine rail trails. This is one of the reasons I love Wurtsboro; it connects to so many different trails!) Once you walk up the hill along the busy road, you’ll cross over to the left side and continue on the Long Path trail section 12. This takes you back into our Shawangunk Ridge mountains where you get a nice little workout climbing the hills to get to the scenic views. Once on top, you’ll have views to your left and a lush forest to your right.

This part of the trail we’ve done a few times from the other side of the trail, where section 13 starts. The trails in here goes up and down but it’s all doable and beautiful. When you come to a rocky intersection, the Long Path trail goes across. If you take the trail down it will take you to the old rail trail. If you take the path upwards it will take you to the old mines. The trail continues across through the narrow path. You’ll come to the end eventually with a giant rock where you can see the Roosa Gap fire tower from. Then the trail goes into the forest and down the rocky and dirt path.

You’ll definitely need your trekking poles here and tell your knees to be strong! Once you go down, you’ll enjoy a beautiful water stream where you should take a nice long break. We sure did because we knew the next part was just another uphill. Once you get to the top you’ll notice A LOT of trash! I’m disappointed and just blah about humanity these days but I know it will change. We will clean it all up eventually! Once you reach the end, you’ll cross the road and Long Path section 13 begins.

Long Path Trail Section 12 Picture Gallery

Spring Day 2021 Hiking

Once we reached the top we did not want to go back and do the SRT section again. Instead, we walked down Furguson Road and jumped on the first rail trail (between the second rail trail and D & H Canal). We walked this trail until the end and then turned right on Lead Mine Rd to walk the D & H Canal. This takes you back to town, across from the Wurtsboro Art Alliance Gallery where the trail continue and goes back to the Bashakill. We were contemplating taking the D & H canal by the school instead, but we knew there would be some street walking and more extra miles so we went back the way we came from. Long Path trail section 12 was pretty good and beautiful since we’re familiar with the sections and trails. I wonder where the next section will take us that we didn’t know existed.

Video showing the amazing views the section 12 of the long path has.

Hiking Long Path Section 12 YouTube Video

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